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General Update

A member of this club argued that the Cosmology of this particular Highschool cannot make sociological prescriptions. in other words, We, as the Cosmology department, should not be concerned with cliques per se. We should, instead, be concerned with real intelligble gaps that split the human body in our school. not just the student body, not just the staff body, the human body, the body of humans that constitutes the “soul” of the building. one such difference would be that of students and staff. that is a real intelligble gap between some humans in our school and others. we’re pondering others such as Grade level, Gender, [possibly ethnicity], etc. suggestions are welcome. although we don’t really have a lot of followers XD

as for Aesthetics, boy have they made some progress. They’ve been perplexing over theories of what beauty is and what the student body (not yet the staff body) thinks beauty is. their results are rather interesting. every one of the individuals interviewed, when asked “what does society define beauty as” gave a response that falls along the lines of “society defines beauty as physical excellence and pleasing appearance”. but when asked what their personal views were, nearly every person agreed that inner beauty was where it’s really at! then what society are they speaking of? certainly not the one made up of them! none of them personally hold that belief! The Aesthetics department is currently in collaboration with the Epistemology department in pondering over the justification of such beliefs and views.


Cosmology of Highschool

Our Cosmology department is making a lot of progress. They decided to begin with the individual and work up to the different sub-cliques then to the cliques then to the relative relations of the different cliques. For instance, we might begin with “Mack” who is just a dude. Mack fits into the “stereroid users” sub-clique. the “stereroid users” sub-clique fits into the “jock” stereotype. the stereotype is the clique for now. this might change as we think through it. We then, once we’ve found which cliques and sub-cliques we recognize as real in our highschool, work our way down from the vast to the small. from the stereotype “jock” to the different sub-cliques and how they are connected and related. We may be posting diagrams of this later.

so far we have differentiated between two kinds of connections. Similarity Connections and Friendship Connections. we’re still wondering whether a friendship connection always entails a similarity connection. and we’re still perplexing over how a friendship connection really connects people when it comes to the abstract world of qualities which we say qualify someone to be in a clique.


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Aesthetics lol, cuz we forgot about them earlier.

there is also an Aesthetics department that we will post on later. :) these are the awesome kids participating in this project!